2024 Events

We are always interested in having new folks come along with us to these events. If you interested in attending these events with us click here.


February 24-25 Winter Drill at Fort Hussey, NC. Impression: NC troops, 1863

March 22-24 Pamplin Park Living History, Durham, NC. Impression: 18th NC/Lane's Brigade

April 27 Surrender weekend living history. Bennett Place Historic Site, Durham, NC. Impression: NC Troops, 1865

May 4-5 160th anniversary of The Wildernesss, Vineyards, VA. Impression: 61st Georgia Infantry

July 28-30 July 27-30 Battle of Second Kernstown, Kernstown, VA. Impression: 22nd Virginia Infantry, 1864

October 18-20 Battle of Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, VA. Impression: NC Troops, 1864

November 16 Fort Dobbs Living History. Statesville, NC, Impression: NC Troops, 1861

December 6-8 Battle of Franklin living history, Franklin, TN. Impression: 3rd Mississippi Infantry

January 4, 2025 Annual Meeting. Combinations, Thomasville, NC


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