North Carolina Troops, May 1863

This is the basic appearance of the Tar Heels from summer, 1862 through May 1865. Like most of the Confederates at this time, he is wearing a simple jacket. This example is of a pattern attributed to North Carolina manufacture and is made of jeans or cassimere. The North Carolina Quartermaster began the conversion to these jackets in February, 1862 and some regiments were in jackets by that spring.  He has discarded his forage cap for a felt hat, which provided him more protection from the weather.  By 1863, the North Carolinians were provided clothing by the state, following the previous agreement with the CS War Department, but weapons, ammunition, and accouterments were Confederate governmentissue. He is armed with a Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket and is using Confederate accouterments. His well-worn canteen and haversack are Confederate. He is carrying his blanket and other personal items in an English knapsack brought in through the Federal blockade.