North Carolina Troops, Western Theater, 1863-1865

            While the majority of North Carolinians fought with the Army of Northern Virginia and in eastern North Carolina, there were North Carolina regiments that fought in the Western Theater beginning in late 1862.  Like the other state regiments, these units received clothing from the state or were paid commutation for the items provided when mustered into service.  Due to the long distances, transportation problems, and enemy operations, these regiments did not benefit from the state’s support to the same degree as those units with Lee’s army.  As a result, the North Carolinians relied on the same supplies provided to the other units in the western armies.
            These two Tar Heels are wearing typical uniforms from the Army of Tennessee.  The infantryman on the left is wearing the well-known “Columbus Depot” jacket and is armed with captured M1861 Springfield rifle musket.  The soldier on the right is wearing a jacket possibly manufactured in Mobile and has a P1853 Enfield rifle-musket. Both are wearing a mix of Confederate and captured Federal accouterments and equipment.